Slow Down Practice with 'The Yoga Gang' (Drop in)

Folkets Hus - Sportsrummet, Stengade 50, 2200, København

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SLOW DOWN PRACTICE W/ THE YOGA GANG (TYG) - yin | nidra | meditation | mindfulness... or just simply down... (in English) (Drop in)

Wellness has to do with a state of connection with your body, and this connection goes as deep as how much you can bring your mind and your heart with, for, into it. For a complete wellbeing state this are determinant dimensions one could try to grasp on it’s everyday life.

There many approaches out there to this challenges, you can find meditations practices, different yoga styles, even more in-dept and more specific techniques as for example mindfulness meditation, among others.

TYG believes that we all already know all this deep within ourselves. We are just a little bit distracted – what is understandable given the frameworks we are set to live in.

And it’s our deep wish that we demystify and come down to earth with this dogmas and techniques and understand that everyone can do it, on its own way, and the best they can. So the only thing you need to have in order to be eligible for this sessions is breath, live, and experience in life (your own experience nothing else!).

We hereby invite you to join us in what we envision to be a warming, sharing, comfortable experience where the goal will be to connect with your inner-self, enjoy his presence and walk way with him (or her) hands hold together, side by side.

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