BumZen Community Kitchen

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BumZen, Baldersgade 20-22, 2200, København N.

Posted by BumZen

Strengthen the community - Come eat together!

BumZen, on Baldersgade 20-22, 2200 Kbh Nørrebro, have started up weekly community kitchens once again.

In a time when our neighborhood is under heavy siege by police, the media is pushing for an "us & them" narrative, right wing groups frequently occupy our streets and squares while more and more basic local functionality is being replaced by bars, restaurants and cafés slowly turning Nørrebro into a theme park to entertain tourists and rich people, making the neighborhood less and less accessible for those of us who actually live here - we feel it necessary to react and do what we can to help empower the neighborhood, work together and create unity and strength between neighbors.

We can do our part in this process by offering a friendly environment where we eat and cook together every week in a setting where everyone can participate.

The food is vegan, so everyone can eat it.

The price is donation so everyone can afford it.

We invite you to participate, if you want to take part in the cooking and planning of this weekly event.

We want to live in a neighborhood where we help and take care of each other - and this is one of many possible ways to make that happen.

We are not trying to fool anyone, we have started this project up again because of our position as revolutionary socialists and because we believe in:

Strong communities as an alternative to police

Mutual aid and solidarity as an alternative to charity

Local power as an alternative to state power

Basic access to our neighborhood and community, no matter your income or identity

So, keep your eyes open and stay tuned for more news - we are looking foward to cook for and with you.

As all other events in BumZen, we will under no circumstances tolerate

Hard Drugs

Every Wednesday